MACH2 Reflexions Swindle vom Kriegershaus MXG MJG MXF CAA TKA ATD IT AD HIC

Top Twenty GSD Agility 2016, 2017, 2018

Agility Power Scored

OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Thyroid Normal, DM Gene N/N Clear, MDR1 Clear

***Available for stud to approved bitches***

Swindle is an absolute pleasure!! Even as a young pup he showed the superb temperament and working drives his parents are known for.  (V Ozzy Barnero TD SchH3 X Ginga von Avenir AD HIC)  Swindle continues to impress me with his solid temperament, powerful agile athleticism, fun loving personality and willingness to work.  Swindle has a strong work and play ethic and an intense ball drive.  He is the perfect balance of high drive yet with adequate work and exercise has an off switch.  Swindle is an all around balanced dog.  He is an outgoing and social male, very personable, yet he is explosive in drive, power and speed.  He is always ready to work, with pronounced ball and food drive.  Besides his ball his favorite thing is receiving attention from adoring fans.  He is so full of life and is just always such a happy boy!!  Don't let that fool you, he is German Shepherd, will aggressively defend when it is truly warranted.  I feel safe with Swindle by my side.

Swindle has been very selectively bred, yet we are thrilled with what he has produced and what his pups are doing!!