MayaLu's Flight of Reflexions CL3-F

Co-owned with Karen Beattie Massey

Tilt is Tizzy & Treasure's dam.

Tilt has always been extremely athletic, even now as a senior she holds her own with all the youngsters and loves to run and chase the ball.  



Wright's RG Must B Illegal Reflexions AX AXJ

Taboo was our court jester...the family clown  We see a bit of him in his grandpups.  He was the sweetest soul, happily greeting everyone like they were a long lost love.  He lost a three year battle to lymphoma in 2018



GRCH U-AG1 Alta-Tollhaus Perfect Storm RN NA NAJ OF CL2, CL4-S CL4H

Hurri did everything intense and 100mph.  She lived life to the fullest.  she had such a huge personality, my wild child.  I was blessed to hold her when she took her first breath and when she took h her last.  



Hemi was our champion companion.  She adored kids, and took each and every puppy and foster dog under her wing.  She was tolerant, patient and gentle.  Yet a true guardian with a huge presence and bark. 



Zechariah's VIsions NA NAJ NFP OJP

Tac has an amazing true comfort spaniel personality and temperament.  He is a sweet and gentle soul.  He is loving and patient with his pups and the youngsters in the house.  He has never met a stranger.  Such a sweet boy.



MACH13 C-ATCH Wright's RG Treasured Trinket RN MXB4 MJS4 MXF T2B10 TM ChJU ChST

Trinket- My Loud and Proud, larger then life amazing little soul. She had a mission, she knew her purpose. I needed her more then she needed me...a gift I was not supposed to keep.  She will always hold a special place in my heart.